Photochemicals Tetenal


C-41 Colour Developer Replenisher SP 45



  • CD-R 2 x 5l
  • Art. No. 102570
  • Ready-to-Use
  • Repl. rate: 45 ml / 135-24
  • Will process: 2 x 111 films 135-24

Developed with the needs of modern low volume minilabs and prolabs in mind.
The ready to use (RTU) colour developer is particularly easy and safe in operation with mixing
errors eliminated.
The bottles are carefully designed with comfort and ease of use the primary consideration.
The bottle pours without splashing. SP 45 is perfect for making fresh working solution with Tetenal Starter art. no. 104045.


RA-4 Colour Developer Replenisher CD-SLR

Super Low Rate Colour Developer


  • Repl. rate 70 ml / m²
  • Yield: 1.428 m² (100 l) / 4.285 m² (300 l)

Super Low Rate colour developer with improved 2-part formula. Exceptionally stable even at
variable working loads. High maximum density. Clean working.


RA-4 Bleach Fix Replenisher BX-VR SP


  • 1-part Bleach Fix
  • Art. No.102059
  • 4 x 4 to10 l.
  • 1-part formula
  • Repl. rate: variable from 54 ml / m² to 215 ml / m².
  • Yield: max. 296 m²

Universal bleach fix for RA4 and similar process with a variable replenishment rate - the rate
is 215 ml, 108 ml, 70 ml or even only 54 ml per square metre, depending on process used
and work load of the processor. The modern 1-part formula allows for comfortable and fast
handling. The concentrate is diluted differently with water, depending on the required or
desired replenishment rate - the less water, the lower the replenishment rate.